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This worksheet deciphers the forty plus pages of IRS regulations on comparability and puts them into a step-by-step process for employers. Most HSA custodians avoid talking about comparability because it’s too complex and better left to the accountants or attorneys. We agree, but we also know that many small businesses are reluctant to tap into professional services due to the cost. The worksheet provides another avenue – simply hand this worksheet out and let the employer quickly learn the rules and decide themselves if they need professional help. This makes you look good to the employer and also reduces the likelihood of a compliance problem later where the employer may point fingers.

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Asset size < $250 Million=$49
Asset size $250-500 Million= $75
Asset size Over $500 Million= $99

Worksheets Overview. The HSA worksheet series explains complex HSA issues in plain English. Use the workshseets as educational brochures to hand out to customers, email or post on your web site. Attorney drafted, the worksheets are in compliance with federal HSA laws and regulations. If the law changes, you get the updated worksheet free as part of your license. The benefits to you include:
  1. Save Time. Save time explaining complex HSA issues,
  2. Reduce Training. Reduce training needs for complex HSA issues,
  3. Reduce Liability. Reduce liability for misunderstandings and mistakes.
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Annual License. The HSA worksheets are sold under an annual license agreement that allows you to print copies, post to your website and email for one year. At the end of your term, you will have a renewal option. Annual renewal prices are the same as the first year, subject to inflationary increases. The license allows you to add your logo.

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