Enrollment Season: Understanding Group HSA Issues.


Presented by:
Whitney Johnson

The fastest growing segment for Health Savings Accounts is small businesses. Are you ready?Many financial institutions treat employer groups the same as if a bunch of individuals were all opening HSAs at the same time -- that's not how it works. Employers adopting HSAs plans have unique needs and special laws apply. This two-hour webinar is devoted to giving you the knowledge you need to offer and support an HSA program for employer groups. The presentation will focus on the special issues impacting group plans. What you will learn:

  • Overview of Employer Groups
    • Why are groups switching to HSAs?
    • How are HSAs perceived by employees? Employers?
    • Why HSA education is essential to a successful implementation.
    • What do employers expect from the HSA custodian?
      • Meeting with owners/Human Resources.
      • Wnrollment meetings. How do banks enroll groups? What's different?
      • HSA materials.
      • Knowledge.
  • Employer HSA Funding - including EMPLOYER FUNDING WORKSHEET*
    • What are the rules regarding employer funding of employee HSAs?
    • What methods are allowed for employer contributions?
      • Payroll deferral (pre-tax or post-tax).
      • Employer contribution (gift).
      • Additional employee contributions.
    • How do financial institutions receive the money?
      • Check (one check for all employees with spreadsheet).
      • ACH - via HSA custodian's system.
      • Online Banking - via employer's system.
    • What happens when a mistake is made?
      • Recouping of employee contributions by the employer
      • Working through the employee
    • Reporting for the various types of contributions
  • Comparability Review - Including COMPARABILITY WORKSHEET*
    • Overview of the comparability rule.
    • Permissible discrimination.
    • What are comparable contributions?
      • Same amount.
      • Same percentage.
  • What about the timing of contributions?
    • Paid up front.
    • Paid periodically (monthly).
    • Paid via "look back".
  • Penalties for failure
  • Custodian's responsibility.
    • Small Business Owner Issues - including SMALL BUSINESS OWNER GUIDE*
      • What issues are different for small business owners?
        • Sole Proprietors.
        • LLCs.
        • % Owners of S-Corps.
    • What is the HSA custodian's responsibility for educating small business owners?
    • Section 125 Plans - Including HSA/FSA/HRA COMPARISON GUIDE*
      • Why you should know something about Cafeteria plans.
      • Why so many small employers miss this key step.
      • Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Healthcare Reimbursement Account (HRA) Rollovers
        • Rules regarding moving money from an FSA or HRA to an HSA.
        • Common problems.
        How Does the Taxation/Reporting Work?
      • HSA Custodian's reporting obligation.
      • Employer's reporting.
      • Employee reporting/how does the employee get the deduction?

      *The materials include Worksheets in key areas. The Worksheets are plain English, short, step-by-step guides to walk through the most common and difficult issues in HSAs. The worksheets provided are for internal use by the financial institution and are available for purchase for distribution to customers.

      Who Should Attend:
      Health Savings Account Administrators, Customer Service Representatives, Small Business Managers, Employee Benefit/Payroll Managers, Branch Managers, Personal Bankers, and Branch Administration.

      (requires Windows Media Player and IE).

      About the speaker:
      Whitney is the founder of HSA Authority, LLC an HSA solution provider for financial institutions and an Assistant Professor of Business Law at St. Cloud State University. Whitney has worked with HSAs since their introduction and he has started three companies devoted to the compliance and marketing aspects of Health Savings Accounts. Prior to the HSA legislation, Whitney worked with financial institutions for over 17 years. Thirteen of those years were spent at Wolters Kluwer Financial Services/Bankers Systems in various roles; including as a seminar attorney and legal counsel for the Financial Services Division, primarily working with IRA issues. He presents frequently on HSA and IRA topics.

      Whitney co-authored the IRA Answer Book for Panel Publishing and has written articles for a number of publications; including, the American Banker and the ABA Banking Journal. He also served as an appointed member to IRPAC, an IRS Advisory Board that meets in Washington DC. Whitney serves as an expert witness on the duties and responsibilities of an IRA custodian and trustee.

      Whitney graduated with a Finance Major from the University of Wisconsin - Madison and a JD from the University of Minnesota.
      • Complete presentation (including slides and audio)
      • Written Materials
      • Follow-up Q & A
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