Getting Started with HSAs


Presented by:
Whitney Johnson

This webinar covers the most common and important HSA issues - the fundamentals. The program will focus on key HSA laws and regulations, but will also cover HSA best practices and a marketplace overview. The presentation is ideal for financial institutions or individuals just getting started with HSAs.

What you will learn:

  • HSA Overview
  • Opening an HSA
    • Eligibility Rules- including ELIGIBILITY AND CONTRIBUTION WORKSHEET*
      • High Deductible Health Plan Defined
      • Other Health Plan" Defined
      • HSA Custodian's Role in Determining Eligibility
    • Contribution Rules - including ELIGIBILITY AND CONTRIBUTION WORKSHEET*
      • 2008 and 2009 Contribution Limits
      • Testing Period" Rules
      • mid-Year Eligibility - Including Turning 65
      • Split Contribution Between Spouses
      • Catch-Up Contribution Rules
    • HSA Opening Process
      • Application/Custodial Agreement
      • Tips on Opening Process
      • Authorized Signer
      • Beneficiary Designation
    • General HSA Offerings
      • Overview of HSA Marketplace - What Is the Competition Doing?
      • Best Features to Offer - What Works
      • Average Balance Information
      • Interest Rates - Other Investments
      • Fees Charged
    • Administration of HSAs
      • Distribution Rules - Including DISTRIBUTION WORKSHEET*
      • Who Can Use the HSA
      • Eligible Medical Expenses
      • Other Distributions (long term care, age 65, death, etc)
      • Custodian's Role in Distributions
    • Tax Rules - Including TAX SAVINGS WORKSHEET *
    • Government Reporting
      • IRS Form 1099-SA Rules
        • Excess Contributions
        • Death Distributions
      • IRS Form 5498-SA Rules
        • Return of Mistaken Distribution
        • employer v. Employee Contributions
        • IRA , FSA, HRA, HSA Rollovers
      • IRS Form 8889 Overview
      • Other Statements
      • Custodian's Role in Reporting

      *The materials include Worksheets in key areas. The Worksheets are plain English, short, step-by-step guides to walk through the most common and difficult issues in HSAs.

      Who Should Attend?
      Health Savings Account Administrators, IRA Administrators, Customer Service Representatives, Small Business Managers, Employee Benefit/Payroll Managers, Branch Managers, Personal Bankers, Branch Administration, and financial institution personnel deciding whether to enter the HSA market.

      About the speaker:
      Whitney is the founder of HSA Authority, LLC an HSA solution provider for financial institutions and an Assistant Professor of Business Law at St. Cloud State University. Whitney has worked with HSAs since their introduction and he has started three companies devoted to the compliance and marketing aspects of Health Savings Accounts. Prior to the HSA legislation, Whitney worked with financial institutions for over 17 years. Thirteen of those years were spent at Wolters Kluwer Financial Services/Bankers Systems in various roles; including as a seminar attorney and legal counsel for the Financial Services Division, primarily working with IRA issues. He presents frequently on HSA and IRA topics.

      Whitney co-authored the IRA Answer Book for Panel Publishing and has written articles for a number of publications; including, the American Banker and the ABA Banking Journal. He also served as an appointed member to IRPAC, an IRS Advisory Board that meets in Washington DC. Whitney serves as an expert witness on the duties and responsibilities of an IRA custodian and trustee.

      Whitney graduated with a Finance Major from the University of Wisconsin - Madison and a JD from the University of Minnesota.
      • Complete presentation (including slides and audio)
      • Written Materials
      • Follow-up Q & A
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