Embezzlers: Working With Liars, Cheats & Thieves


Presented by: Dana Turner

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Embezzlement is the favorite financial crime (after money laundering) in the U.S. Losses attributed to embezzlement are greater than those from all other financial crimes combined. It is often the most complicated crime to discover -- or to investigate. Yet it is the one financial crime that is nearly 100% preventable. Embezzlement is a "people" crime -- it's not just a document or technological crime. Sometimes called defalcation, it is the intentional misuse or misappropriation of funds or property entrusted to an employee or another person who has power, control, trust or authority over it.

A company's structure -- and the manner in which various functions are designated and managed -- may contribute significantly to the development of "windows of opportunity" for embezzlers. Every company -- and bank -- should examine each facet of its organization using a risk assessment device, then locate and "close" those "windows." Two of the best tools for both preventing and investigating embezzlement are a continuing awareness of people, and an understanding of the significance of the behaviors those people display. The principle of cause and effect applies to the relationship between a change in some aspect of a person's life and an accompanying change in that person's behavior.

Embezzlement is a crime that involves:
  • trust
  • ego
  • rationalization
  • power
  • greed
  • rhythm
  • cycles
  • habits
  • patterns
  • predictors
This presentation provides a basic methodology and appropriate techniques for identifying potential -- and practicing -- embezzlers, and is appropriate for employees at all organizational levels. Useful for pre-employment screening, audit work and internal investigations, these techniques focus upon the steps that an institution may take to prevent or identify these crimes and the offenders. Examples are provided for identifying both people and processes that place the institution at risk.

  • the embezzler in you
  • occupational fraud statistics
  • organizational structure and functions
  • where embezzlers look for opportunities
  • identifying offenders
  • motives for committing embezzlement
  • the embezzler's characteristics
  • the embezzler's behavior
  • the differences between male and female embezzlers
This presentation is designed to help you:
  • understand why embezzlement is really the country's favorite financial crime
  • show the proven links between an organization's structure and its vulnerability to loss -- and the critical areas of risk
  • craft an alliance between the security, audit and human resources functions to prevent and resolve embezzlement issues
  • demonstrate who embezzles, how much they steal -- and why -- within your own organization
  • learn what motivates an embezzler, where they look for opportunities -- and why this is such a rhythmic, cyclical and predictable crime
  • chart a person's characteristics and habits to identify potential and practicing embezzlers
  • understand what female embezzlers do that is different than what male embezzlers do
  • security officers
  • auditors
  • human resources managers
  • compliance officers
About the Speaker: Dana Turner is a security practitioner based in Pipe Creek, Texas. Dana has served as a law enforcement officer in several capacities -- including the investigation of business and banking crimes -- and he is celebrating his 34th year in crime.

As a speaker and conference facilitator, Dana has delivered thousands of platform, telephone and Internet presentations. He has designed and participated in continuing education programs offered by state and national banking and credit union associations, state and federal examining and law enforcement agencies -- and state and national security, audit and human resources organizations.

As a consultant, Dana has participated in or led hundreds of projects and assisted in the development and delivery of components of seminars, schools and conferences. As a writer, Dana has written many manuals and books -- and numerous newspaper, trade publication and magazine articles published and distributed both nationally and internationally. Dana is the author of the Financial Institution Security Library and he also serves as one of the moderators in BankersOnline.com's Security Forum.

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CD-ROM includes:
  • Complete presentation (including slides and audio)
  • Written Materials
  • Follow-up Q & A
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This program was recorded in its entirety in August 2007. The CD-ROM includes program slides, materials (if available) and follow-up Q & A document.

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