Keeping Bank Secrets - Institution Wide Edition


Presented by: Mary Beth Guard

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This training program is a one-hour excerpt from the webinar "Keeping Bank Secrets."  The other half of the Keeping Bank Secrets webinar is geared toward the person responsible for ensuring secrecy compliance, rather than all institution employees.

In May, 2007, a former bank loan officer in Alabama was sentenced to 15 months in prison for revealing to a customer that the bank had received a federal grand jury subpoena for the customer's records. Although prosecutors stated "Bank officials are aware that leaking knowledge of a grand jury subpoena is against the law," the fact is that many bank employees have never received training on the Right to Financial Privacy Act and truly are not familiar with the complex provisions that, in some instances, prohibit disclosure of certain types of records requests.

Suspicious Activity Reports, National Security Letters, certain search warrants, names on the 314(a) list, any subpoena or summons a judge or magistrate makes a special nondisclosure order on - there's a whole laundry list of required filings and/or records requests on which secrecy is mandated. A slip of the tongue to the wrong person about the wrong thing could result in civil money penalties, both against the institution and the individual responsible, as well as possible jail time.

You cannot afford to have weaknesses in training in this area. All your personnel need to have a clear understanding of where the legal lines for confidentiality are drawn by the federal government and what the consequences are of crossing one of them.

This webinar spells it all out for you.
This program is designed to be heard by every bank employee, officer and director. It will explain, in clear language, where the danger areas are and what can't be disclosed, using real-life scenarios to illustrate how slip-ups might occur. It will cover potential penalties, too.

About the Speaker: Mary Beth Guard has been teaching financial privacy to bankers since the early 1990s and has authored more than a hundred articles on private-related subjects. In addition, she has created privacy cheat sheets and matrices used by thousands of bankers nationwide. Currently serving as Executive Editor of and CEO of Glia Group, Inc. (the owner of BOL Learning Connect), Mary Beth has had a long and distinguished career, focusing on the banking industry since 1984. Previously, Mary Beth served as EVP/General Counsel and COO for the Oklahoma Bankers Association and General Counsel for the Oklahoma State Banking Department.

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CD-ROM includes:
  • Complete presentation (including slides and audio)
  • Written Materials
  • Follow-up Q & A
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This program was recorded in its entirety in July 2007. The CD-ROM includes program slides, materials (if available) and follow-up Q & A document.

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