Risk – Building a Foundation of Management


Presented by: Andy Zavoina and Lucy Griffin

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Risk management is something we do in the bank every day. You are intimately familiar with it because you do it, right? But as the saying goes, "you don't have to be dead to sell grave plots." Well, just because you "do" risk management doesn't mean you really understand what risk management entails, how to do it best, and how to make it serve the needs of your bank. If you have asked any of these questions, this webinar is for you--
  • What is risk management supposed to accomplish?
  • Why have a risk management program?
  • What is risk management and why should I care?
  • How should different risk management programs tie together?
  • How do I get started?
  • What should my program look like?
  • What if something changes?
In this first of a series of webinars on risk management we will explore those questions, plus:
  • The concept of what risk management is
  • How to apply the necessary principles of risk management
  • Why it must be employed properly
  • What your regulators expect from you
Your management structure must adequately identify, measure, monitor, and control the risks involved in your day-to-day application of the various products and services you offer. While the board of directors has the ultimate responsibility for what happens in the bank, risk management systems provide guidance so that even the most distant branches can manage the scope of their activities in a manner reflective of the board's intent.

In this two-hour webinar we will help you establish a solid foundation so that you can assure your board and examiners that your risk management program recognizes the risks you face which are unique to your bank, that you control the risk exposure you have and that management is doing what is necessary to sustain a safe and sound bank.

We will review the basic requirements of your program to include the following types of risk:
  • Credit
  • Country/transfer
  • Market
  • Liquidity
  • Operational
  • Legal, and
  • Reputational
We'll help you understand how the elements of your own risk management program work with senior management and the board and the policies and procedures they approve to provide a cost-effective system that is integrated seamlessly into your daily work.

About the Speakers: Mr. Andy Zavoina, CRCM, is a consultant with the Glia Group, best known for its involvement with BankersOnline.com.

Andy has been in finance and banking for 22 years. Over 20 years were with a holding company with two Central Texas community banks that had $534 million in assets, 89 branches spanning Texas and nearly 500 ATMs. After starting in loan workouts, Mr. Zavoina has been a consumer, commercial and real estate lender and managed those departments as well as being the banks first Webmaster. He was responsible for compliance, management, auditing, and training for both banks.

Andy is a past Chairman of the American Bankers Association's Compliance Executive Committee. He was the 2003 recipient of the American Bankers Association's Distinguished Service Award for his involvement and accomplishments in the field of regulatory compliance management. He currently serves on the Editorial Advisory Board for the ABA's Compliance Magazine, Compliance Action magazine, is a member of the ABA's Compliance School Board and is a BankersOnline Guru. He also served on the Texas Bankers Association's Compliance Committee.

He is a graduate of the ABA National Commercial Lending School, National Compliance and National Graduate Compliance School and is a Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager with the Institute of Certified Bankers. He has written numerous articles and lectured on compliance, the use of the Internet and technology as a tool, as well as compliance in cyberspace to local, state and national associations. Internet policies and other compliance related programs are made available on his personal Web site.

Lucy Griffin brings to her clients over thirty-five years of experience working with regulatory agencies and financial institutions. Her extensive work experience with regulatory agencies includes the Federal Home Loan Bank Board, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, and the Federal Trade Commission. For more than five years, Griffin managed the Compliance Division of the American Bankers Association, managing the Division's activities which included production of compliance resources and programs. Griffin is the editor of Compliance Action and the co-author of the Compliance Accountability Manager. Griffin is also a Senior Advisor with the Paragon Compliance Group, a company dedicated to providing quality compliance training. Nationally recognized as a leading compliance speaker and trainer, Griffin is on the faculty of ABA's National Compliance School, develops and leads the case study at ABA's National Graduate School of Compliance Management, and is a featured speaker at many national and state compliance conferences and seminars. Griffin received her B.A. from the University of Michigan, a J. D. from Cornell Law School and is a Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager through the Institute of Certified Bankers and a Certified Risk Professional through the Bank Administration Institute.

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This program was recorded in its entirety in September 2011. The CD-ROM includes program slides, materials (if available) and follow-up Q & A document.

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