The Anatomy of Real Corporate Account Takeovers


Presented by: Steve Stasiukonis

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Customer accounts and financial institutions are being plundered by cyberthieves. But how? In this eye-opening webinar, security expert Steve Stasiukonis shows step-by-step how real corporate account takeovers can occur. Understanding the nature of the crime and how it is committed is the first step in prevention and detection.

The widespread availability of crime-ware applications like Zeus, Phoenix and Spy-Eye has dramatically increased the incidence of financial crime using the Internet. Combined with physical and social engineering techniques, Internet hacker "kits," and easy-to-follow instructions for using them, are enabling less sophisticated criminals to exploit vulnerabilities. The result is havoc for financial institutions and their customers.

Steve will explain how these applications, in combination with various social engineering and hacking techniques, are being leveraged to compromise corporate accounts.

Some of the topics covered will include:
  • Reconnaissance Techniques: You'll learn about open source intelligence tools and techniques thieves use to learn about their victims.
  • Attack Vectors: Steve will explain tools and techniques that are used in breaches.
  • Hiding: Steve will teach techniques thieves use to evade detection as they go about moving your customer's funds and intellectual property.
In a clear and easy-to-understand manner, Steve will take you into the shadowy world where millions are stolen with the click of the mouse. Armed with that experience, you'll be able to help your institution take steps to protect against this flourishing type of crime.

About the Speaker: Steve Stasiukonis has over 15 years in the security industry, Steve serves as President of Secure Network Technologies, focusing on Penetration Testing, Information Security Risk Assessments, Incident Response and Digital Investigations. Steve carries numerous security certifications by various organizations as well as the National Security Agency. Steve also serves as a columnist for Information Week magazine and, with articles syndicated across the globe to numerous media outlets.

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CD-ROM includes:
  • Complete presentation (including slides and audio)
  • Written Materials
  • Follow-up Q & A
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This program was recorded in its entirety in September 2013. The CD-ROM includes program slides, materials (if available) and follow-up Q & A document.

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