Work Out and Problem Loan Management


Presented by: Mike Woody


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  The unmatched financial performance of commercial banks over the last ten years was marked by increased loan portfolios in absolute and relative terms, declining net interest margins, new and untested loan products, the advent of "faceless" lending underwriting, extraordinary loan concentrations, and a remarkable absence of problem loans and the myriad of expenses they spawn. The unanswered question was always:

Can our industry continue to face new challenges and "push various risk envelopes" in lending without significant loss? How will our portfolios respond to national or local economic declines particularly in real estate? Most industry observers did not believe our industry could maintain its superheated performance and, in fact, classified loans finally "exploded" in the first quarter, 2007. Clearly, our recent financial performance is founded on the fact that most commercial banks are under funded in the loan loss reserve, have endured little if any of the pain of troubled loan relationships, and essentially have extensive loan problems. The inevitable, cyclical, back-breaking challenges of TROUBLED LOANS are HERE AND NOW!!! Is your bank prepared for the WAR? Will your bank minimize the costs of deteriating and problem assets? Or, like many bankers, do you think "Denial" is a river in Egypt and these problems cannot and will not happen to you?

There are no distinct, "black and white" answers to the special asset challenge. Each bank and each debtor entail a variety of constituents and agendas. A fundamental seminar goal will be to bring some level of objectivity and scientific decision analysis to the "art" of subjective, "shoot from the hip" work out efforts. This presentation will attack the challenge on strategic and tactical fronts. The strategic issues of your bank's culture, policies, organization, board involvement, and regulatory credibility will be addressed. If possible, learn how your bank is organized as to loan review, work outs, approval of various work out tactics, and how your Board of Directors is involved in terms of committees, policies and procedures, and approvals. The tactical challenges of dealing with debtors, their lawyers, the courts, and your counsel will be analyzed to determine the best possible exit strategy.

You will hear many new ideas in this seminar. Some will be attractive and immediately put to use at your bank upon your return. Some ideas will be controversial and totally not applicable to your bank's culture or environment. I stress that there are no "right" answers in special asset resolution, only solutions. The presentation will heavily rely on realistic, non-academic ideas which WORK AND HAVE BEEN TESTED IN BATTLE!


About the Speaker: Owner and Principal, J. MICHAEL WOODY, INC., Bank Consulting, Teaching and Training, and Expert Witness Services B.S. Industrial Engineering - University of Tennessee, Knoxville M.B.A. Finance - Colgate Darden Graduate School of Business, University of Virginia, Charlottesville President, Chief Executive Officer and Director, Warren County Bank, McMinnville, Tennessee, First Tennessee Bank, N.A., Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Oklahoma National Bank, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Commerce Bank, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Executive Vice President, First Oklahoma Bancshares and First National Bank of Oklahoma City. Former Board Member of Commerce Union Bank of Rutherford County, Kirkpatrick Oil Company, and Jefferson Bank & Trust, Lakewood, Colorado. Former Chairman of the Credit Enhancement Committee of the State of Oklahoma and former Asset Chairman of MetaFund, an Oklahoma venture capital fund. Active in a variety of leadership positions including United Way, Children's' Hospital, Board Member of Condo Association, and Alumni Associations.

Distinguished Faculty Award at the University of Mississippi School of Banking and over twenty years tenure at the Graduate School of Banking at Colorado. Past faculty positions at the Graduate School of Banking at Louisiana State University, Owen Graduate School of Business Administration, Vanderbilt University, the University of Tennessee, the University of Central Oklahoma, and Middle Tennessee State University. Past and current faculty positions at state banking schools in Florida, Missouri, Illinois, New Mexico, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Texas. Past faculty positions at the A.B.A. Graduate School of Commercial Lending, Pacific Coast Graduate Banking School, S.M.U. Assemblies of Bank Directors, and F.F.E.I.C. functions. Training sessions for the Conference of State Bank Supervisors, Federal Reserve Bank, N.C.U.A. examiners, state regulators in Iowa, Oklahoma and Nebraska, and the O.C.C. Over 80 presentations each year before over 45 banking associations and overseas for the U.S. Treasury and A.I.D. in Russia, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. Commercial lending training for WestPac Banking Corporation in Australia and the New York Finance Institute in Singapore.

This program was recorded in its entirety in December 2007. The CD-ROM includes program slides, materials (if available) and follow-up Q & A document.

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