Robbery Prevention – "NO HAT" Signs (CLING)


NOW AVAILABLE in STATIC CLING ready to adhere to the inside of your bank door or window.

The customer dress code movement is sweeping the nation, with good reason. Study any set of bank robbery suspect photos and one thing is strikingly clear -- these individuals are desperate to hide their identities and a huge percentage wear hats, hoods, or sunglasses while committing the crime in order to make it more difficult to accurately identify them afterwards.

With these signs, you make a simple request of those entering your premises, asking them to remove hats, hoods, and sunglasses for security reasons. The request is voluntary, not mandatory. Any individual who fails to heed the request is simply subjected to greater scrutiny -- exactly what a bank robber DOESN'T want. By paying special attention to those individuals who decline to remove their headgear, your employees are in a better position to make a detailed description, should they need to do so.

It's low cost, low tech, and effective. Join the hundreds of other financial institutions across the nation who are making robbery less attractive to robbers by making it more difficult for them to hide in plain sight. Signs are 6" x 6".


Choose from two different designs.

Design F

Design G

(Border only for demonstration purposes, these are clear clings)

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