Cyber-Education/Awareness for your Customers – Requirements and


Presented by: Andy Zavoina                  

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You offer internet banking because it is cost effective for the bank and convenient for the customer. And when you complete a risk assessment, you review E-SIGN rules and logon credentials and disclosures you give your customers. But have you evaluated your customer awareness program? The FFIEC authentication guidance issued several years ago tells us "Financial institutions have made, and should continue to make, efforts to educate their customers. Because customer awareness is a key defense against fraud and identity theft, financial institutions should evaluate their consumer education efforts to determine if additional steps are necessary." It goes on to say that management should both implement a customer awareness program and evaluate its effectiveness periodically.

Banks are being sued by their customers when a loss is incurred via internet banking. While some banks look to Reg E for guidance, it isn't always there, and it won't apply when your customer isn't a consumer. Have you taught your customers how to act and react when there is a threat? In this webinar we will discuss:
  • What should be in your customer awareness program?
  • How to educate customers about phishing;
  • What you need to do when a phishing attack occurs;
  • Is mobile banking safer than using a PC?
  • Are customers required to practice safe surfing?
  • What is safe surfing?
  • Is multifactor authentication "required" for all customers?
  • What is a strong password, and how often should it be changed?
  • And much more.
About the Speaker: Mr. Andy Zavoina, CRCM, is an Executive Vice President with the Glia Group, best known for its involvement with

Mr. Zavoina has been in finance and banking for 23 years. Over 20 years were with a holding company with two Central Texas community banks that had $534 million in assets, 89 branches spanning Texas and nearly 500 ATMs. After starting in loan workouts, Mr. Zavoina has been a consumer, commercial and real estate lender and managed those departments as well as being the banks first Webmaster. He was responsible for compliance, management, auditing, and training for both banks.

Mr. Zavoina is a past Chairman of the American Bankers Association's Compliance Executive Committee. He was the 2003 recipient of the American Bankers Association's Distinguished Service Award for his involvement and accomplishments in the field of regulatory compliance management. He was chairman of the Editorial Advisory Board for the ABA's Compliance Magazine, Compliance Action magazine, was a member of the ABA's Compliance School Board and is a BankersOnline Guru. He also served on the Texas Bankers Association's Compliance Committee.

He is a graduate of the ABA National Commercial Lending School, National Compliance and National Graduate Compliance School and is a Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager with the Institute of Certified Bankers. He has written numerous articles and lectured on compliance, the use of the Internet and technology as a tool, as well as compliance in cyberspace to local, state and national associations. Internet policies and other compliance related programs are made available on his personal Web site.

  This program was recorded in its entirety in February 2010. The CD-ROM includes program slides, materials (if available) and follow-up Q & A document.

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