BVL Vol. 12: Safeguarding Customer Information


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Protecting against social engineering, identity theft, and pretext calling.

Every financial institution is now required to train its employees on information security.

Clever con artists can trick your employees into unwittingly releasing confidential information about your customers and your institution. Using a technique known as "social engineering", information brokers, identity thieves and other criminals can fool your employees into believing they're someone other than who they really are or that they should have access they shouldn't be allowed to have.

This video describes how to detect and guard against social engineers, pretext callers and identity thieves. It's an important addition to your information security program, an integral component of GLBA privacy compliance, we've designed it to be appropriate for viewing by all financial institution personnel, from the frontline to your board of directors.

This 26 minute video is entertaining, informative, and easy to understand. The accompanying study guide, with realistic discussion scenarios, allows participants to quickly grasp the essential details of the types of con jobs that can endanger the security of your data - whether it's in paper or digital format. The material was developed by, and is presented by L. Michael Guard, CEO of Secure MIS, Inc., who is a licensed patent attorney with a MS in Telecommunications Management, and the holder of CISSP certification in information security.

(Runs approximately 25 minutes.)

You'll learn about:
  • Pretext Calling
  • Identity Theft
  • Social Engineering
  • The two types of social engineering -- human based and computer based
  • The three categories of human-based social engineering
  • Forms of computer-based social engineering
  • Goals and tactics of the social engineer
  • Data aggregation & why no bit of information is too small to protect
  • Why social engineers may do a great deal of homework before they make personal contact
  • Why it can be very difficult to detect when social engineering is being used on you
  • How threats exist in every area of you institution
  • What social engineers will try to get you to do
  • Tips for defeating social engineering
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