Social Media Compliance Requirements


Presented by: Andy Zavoina

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Social media is a great way to brand your bank and advertise. But you must ask what are the risks with social media? McDonald's was in the press a couple of years ago after an anti-Trump tweet was made on a bona fide McDonald's Twitter account that was later said to have been compromised. United Airlines overbooked a flight. A selected passenger was forcibly removed from the flight and the company's stock value fell almost $1 billion after the video went viral. School children are being arrested after making "terroristic threats" against their schools on social media.

The FFIEC guidance on Social Media Risks applies to your bank as do other regulatory requirements, and if you have a social media presence, or are considering one, you must know what these rules are. In this webinar, I will walk you through the common application of the FFIEC guidance to your bank, what it means, why it is good advice, and what you need to do.

Search for your bank's name in the social networks and ask employees if they use social media and ever reference the bank. You might be surprised at the results. Is the bank responsible for what is said about the bank and about the bank's employees on social media? It may be, so you have an obligation to monitor.

In this two-hour webinar I will discuss the pros and cons of embracing this technology from the perspective of bank management and risk management. Use of social media by the bank also poses many compliance risks. I will spend time pointing out the risks of advertising in a social networking environment.

Activity from employees on their own social networking sites may be good for exposure, but not if the comments are less than flattering. Can you restrict what employees say on personal pages? Your ethics policy may restrict or prohibit certain comments, but court cases may support the employees' rights. I'll discuss the fine line between the two.

Managing social media risk may be even greater if you opt to include photos on your site of employees and customers. There are legal cases providing guidance for you on this issue and I will discuss them, too.

Proper controls are required to manage the use of social media. I will include a discussion of risk factors, including:
  • Policies and procedures needed to address unique issues, such as the risks of online posts, edits, replies and retention
  • Managing vendors who may host, manage content or otherwise be involved in the process
  • Employee training, and drawing the line between personal and professional social media use
  • Oversight controls and reporting
  • Specific laws and regulations, such as CRA, that come into play with social media activities.
Related topics we will discuss include:
  • Employees' rights to engage in activity under the National Labor Relations Act
  • How social media factors into discrimination claims
  • How to handle medical information that may come from postings on social media
  • What regulatory compliance issues you face in a social networking environment
  • And more…
  • This webinar will help compliance, management, marketing, HR, risk managers and others in your institution make more informed decisions about the use of social media by your institution, and by your employees. What is allowed and what is prohibited aren't always crystal clear. I'll help you recognize what works, what doesn't, and give you the information you need to manage this risk.

    About the Speaker: Mr. Andy Zavoina, CRCM, is an Executive Vice President with the Glia Group, best known for its involvement with

    Mr. Zavoina has been in finance and banking for 23 years. Over 20 years were with a holding company with two Central Texas community banks that had $534 million in assets, 89 branches spanning Texas and nearly 500 ATMs. After starting in loan workouts, Mr. Zavoina has been a consumer, commercial and real estate lender and managed those departments as well as being the banks first Webmaster. He was responsible for compliance, management, auditing, and training for both banks.

    Mr. Zavoina is a past Chairman of the American Bankers Association's Compliance Executive Committee. He was the 2003 recipient of the American Bankers Association's Distinguished Service Award for his involvement and accomplishments in the field of regulatory compliance management. He was chairman of the Editorial Advisory Board for the ABA's Compliance Magazine, Compliance Action magazine, was a member of the ABA's Compliance School Board and is a BankersOnline Guru. He also served on the Texas Bankers Association's Compliance Committee.

    He is a graduate of the ABA National Commercial Lending School, National Compliance and National Graduate Compliance School and is a Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager with the Institute of Certified Bankers. He has written numerous articles and lectured on compliance, the use of the Internet and technology as a tool, as well as compliance in cyberspace to local, state and national associations. Internet policies and other compliance related programs are made available on his personal Web site.

    This program was recorded in its entirety in March 2020. The CD-ROM includes program slides, materials (if available) and follow-up Q & A document.

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