BVL Vol. 08: Workplace Violence


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It can happen to you

Barbara E. Hurst, Editor, Bankers' Hotline
Dana Turner, Security Practitioner, Security Education Systems

The terrorist attacks in New York City on September 11, 2001 changed forever the perceptions we have concerning violence in the workplace. We now know it can take unexpected forms and that we have to be constantly on guard.

We've updated our video entitled It Can Happen To You by incorporating additional information and suggestions on how you can better protect your offices and the people in them from threats and violence.

Responding appropriately to violent events involves choosing from numerous options that vary with the time, place, and circumstances surrounding the event. Knowing how offenders target their victims, how branch personnel and managers should handle hostage events, and what to do if a robber or terrorist tells you to leave the office with him could save lives.

Used along with the accompanying workbook, this training program can provide your institution not only with the emergency response training required by the Bank Protection Act, it can also alert you how you may prevent workplace incidents.

(Runs approximately 27 minutes)

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Covered Thoroughly In Volume 8

  • Memorable immediate responses illustrated
  • Teaches what NOT to do as well as what to do
  • How to respond to a hostage situation
  • How to develop both a personal and a business emergency response plan
  • Learn how to react correctly and logically, rather than emotionally during violent events
  • How to recognize and handle post-violence situation stress
  • What are your chances of a violent incident happening?
  • Workbook, quiz, and examples

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