Loss Prevention Techniques & Training Manual


by: Dana Turner

Loss prevention and security are not separate functions -- they should be integrated into every business unit's day-to-day operations. An effective Security Program is one that promotes a security-conscious working environment -- where sound business practices are the norm rather than the exception. Every Security Program must include a comprehensive training component. Not just to satisfy regulatory requirements -- but to address every policy, procedure and practice. Ineffective or non-existent training programs often promote a preventable policy violation or a criminal act. Training employees about effective loss prevention policies, procedures and practices is one of the most cost-effective security techniques available. To be truly effective however, an institution-wide Security Training Program must teach employees how to use the tools that the institution has given them. This means that all employees within every business unit -- branches, departments, functions and facilities -- should be trained in a standardized way regarding security issues.

The Loss Prevention Techniques & Training Manual is a strategic, model plan for training employees how to reduce the institution's potential exposure and avoid losses from both external and internal events. It contains training workbook text, leader's guides, trainer's syllabus and forms in template format that are designed to address the most common -- and the most costly -- sources of loss exposure. It's designed for your use in developing and customizing a comprehensive and effective Security Training Program for all of your institution's functions.

The Loss Prevention Techniques & Training Manual is written especially for those people who are responsible for any institution's safety and soundness: compliance officers, security officers, auditors and operations managers. It uses a logical and strategic model to help you understand the true scope of security training and operations planning within your institution. By understanding the cause and effect relationships between an institution's policies, operating procedures and training programs -- and the likelihood of error and exposure to crimes -- you can implement a comprehensive institution-wide Security Training Program that will significantly reduce your institution's risk.

Benefits and Features:
  • Expert guidance you can count on
  • You'll save valuable time with turnkey solutions to common issues
  • Easy-to-use templates help you create policies, procedures, forms, databases and training programs that are unique to your institution
  • Accompanying training materials help you effectively transfer this valuable guidance to your staff
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