BVL Vol. 17: Recognizing Swindles, Scams & Cons


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Detecting financial crimes against your institution and your accountholders.

Script/Presenter: Barbara E. Hurst, Editor, BANKERS’ Hotline

We’re hearing more and more stories from our depositors of scams that cheat them out of their hard-earned money. In many instances the cons perpetrated on them are old and familiar to many bankers. But to those who are not so experienced, the signs and signals that could tip tellers and front-line personnel to the fact that there is a swindle in progress are not so easy to detect. We’ve illustrated some of the more common cons and describe even more in the material that accompanies this volume. 

As a real bonus, this program is also suitable to be shown to senior citizens or community groups. Loaned out by your financial institution, it is obvious evidence that your bank or credit union cares about the community it serves.

(Runs approximately 20 minutes.)
  • How to identify a “pigeon drop”
  • Sure-loser lottery tickets
  • Phony bank examiners
  • How to handle a ‘nasty’ family member
  • Victim assistance
  • Debunking ‘instant’ wealth created by helping an unfortunate person
  • Who was Ponzi?

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